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What are the Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

The world is moving fast, and technology is steering the wheels. Basic science tells us that “machines help us to do things easily.”

Well, that famous definition can’t come at a better time — because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually taking over the world.

The benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence are often overlooked, and not much is mentioned about them — and yet artificial intelligence lives all around us.

Take some time to learn more about artificial intelligence. You will find that it’s knitted into virtually every aspect of our lives, including our home appliances, electronic devices, and work.

For instance, we have smart houses and technologies like Google Home and other programs like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, among others. All of these technological breakthroughs reflect how much artificial intelligence and machine learning have evolved.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

How about we look at some common applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Tag along, it’s going to be fun

· Artificial Intelligence in Transport

Let’s start with self-driving cars. As you already know, cars no longer need you to sit behind the wheel to get from one place to another. Today, there is the Internet, and it’s has opened more doors to innovation.

Self-driving or smart cars are fed with data or algorithms to help them navigate the roads without human assistance. This learning process allows the car to utilize the power of AI and Machine learning to do incredible things — change gears, reverse, turn on the lights, honk at pedestrians who get on the road, and stop at traffic lights.

The algorithms also teach cars how to avoid pedestrians, remain in their lanes, read road markings, and understand road signs. All of this information put together makes it possible for humans and smart cars to get on the road and drive safely.

· Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Beyond self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is also gaining ground in healthcare. Computers can now assist physicians and radiologists, among other medical practitioners, run diagnosis through a process known as “Computer Vision.”

Before now, diagnosing cancers, brain, and heart conditions took time and required highly trained physicians. With AI-powered machines and equipment, physicians can get results in record time compared to how long it will take humans. Thereby help save more lives.

· Machine Learning in Agriculture

The agricultural industry is also not left out of the artificial intelligence and machine learning era. Through machine learning and computer vision, farm machines are taught to identify weeds and make the farming process fast and less stressful.

Weeding, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, farm machines can differentiate weed from crops and apply herbicide with high precision— and only on the weed.

Utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in agricultural processes helps cut down the waste of resources and optimize production. These are simply the proverbial chip off the iceberg.

There are other applications of both artificial intelligence and machine learning around us. AI can also be used in astronomy, gaming, finance, the automotive industry, and robotics.

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