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Top 5 Best Budget GPUs in 2022

GPUs are a vital part of any PC build, but low-end but high-performance graphics cards are hard to come by if you're building a budget PC build.

Note that the prices below would be average prices after the inflation in GPU prices is over. I would not recommend buying a GPU now, as prices are 3-4x what they usually are.

The Radeon RX 550 is an excellent starting GPU. A price under $100 keeps a full wallet while also delivering enough performance to run games on low to average settings. The RX 550 is also about 7 inches long, making it an excellent choice for compact PC builds. This graphics card is best in PC builds under $500.


  • 1,203 MHz base clock

  • 4GB memory

  • One cooling fan.

Image Credit: AMD

The 5500 XT is an excellent choice for any modern game. This $170 GPU is suitable for budget builds and can handle mediocre graphics settings. In most cases, this GPU can run games at 60 FPS and 1080p. Even though the 5500 XT may struggle with some games, it's definitely worth it for the price you might be paying.


  • 1,607 MHz base clock

  • 1,845 MHz boost clock

  • 4 GB memory

  • One cooling fan

Image Credit: AMD

The Nvidia GeForce 1660 is an excellent choice for a graphics card. Coming in at $250, this graphics card can handle nearly any game at high graphics settings. It can also handle rendering 3D models, game development, etc.

Unfortunately, this graphics card does not have ray-tracing capabilities, but this ability is found in more high-end graphics cards, like the RTX 2060.


  • 1,530 MHz base clock

  • 1,785 boost block

  • 6GB memory

  • Two cooling fans

Image Credit: Newegg (an alternate purchasing site for PC parts)


These three GPUs are some of the best when it comes to budget PC builds. Experts say that the GPU price inflation will end in the second or, at the latest, the third quarter of 2022, so this list will remain relevant throughout 2022. Happy shopping!


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