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The 3 Best 3D Modeling Programs in 2022

Modeling in 3D serves many purposes, such as game development, making art, 3D printing, and even planning for rooms. So it makes sense that along with the many uses of 3D modeling, there would be lots of software to assist users with the process.

ZBrush is one of the best tools for sculpting that there is. After getting past the high learning curve most new users face, ZBrush's many tools for sculpting any organic form (and, recently, hard surfaces) enable limitless creativity in the sculpting scene. Another capability of ZBrush is texture creation. ZBrush allows for creating textures like cloth, metal, or bricks that can be helpful for things like game development.

Ultimately, ZBrush is useful for sculpting, texture creation, and 3D printing. Its toolset allows artists to create exceptional organic and realistic hard surface models. The software is perfect for character creation, game development, or realistic UV maps and textures and is the best software for these jobs.

Maya is seen as the industry standard for 3D modeling; many companies that have job openings for 3D artists require the use of Maya. Because of its price tag, Maya is usually not used outside workplaces, schools, or organizations. Still, the price tag unlocks a fantastic and versatile 3D modeling tool.

Maya is primarily seen as the best paid 3D modeling software because of its use in the 3D modeling industry and its versatility. However, a downside to this app is the high learning curve. It is not tailored for complete beginners to 3D modeling.

If you're looking for the best free 3D modeling software, look no further than Blender. Firstly, the large community of Blender artists ensures that beginners can get tons of help and a significant head start in modeling. Blender also has a massive toolset for modeling and sculpting and numerous rendering engines and rendering options to choose from. A large reason that Blender is number one on this list, though, is that Blender is completely free. No paywall locks any features; all features ultimately come free with the download of Blender. This makes Blender an excellent adversary for programs like Autodesk Maya.

In conclusion, Blender is an outstanding program for any purpose that entails 3D modeling. The program, unlike others, is very beginner-friendly and rewards users for mastery of the program. YouTube channels like Blender Guru and CG Cookie are excellent entry points into the 3D modeling world.


Each 3D modeling program has its pros and cons; some have a high learning curve but robust features, while others are free but may not be as popular in the 3D industry. It is all up to the user to choose a perfect option for them.

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