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All You Need to Know About Coding for Kids

Coding for kids creates so much buzz that more people (especially parents) ask; what is coding, and why should kids learn how to code?

Well, those are all valid questions considering the misconceptions surrounding coding for kids. One of the biggest misconceptions about coding is that it’s too complicated for kids to handle.

Well, nothing could be farther away from the truth!

It may interest you to know that coding (or computer programming) is easy, and children can learn to code at an early age of 5. Yeah, five-year-olds can code!

Coding for kids is not rocket science. All a child needs to code is the right learning resources — thankfully, there are text-based coding programs and courses for kids.

Just so we are not discussing blindly, let’s quickly define coding and then build on it. Okay?

What Is Coding?

In simple terms, coding can be described as writing instructions or commands for computers to execute. This may not be a technical definition, but it gives a general idea of what coding entail.

In a bid to make coding more inclusive and not limit it to adults alone, coding or writing computer programs has been “gamified” — meaning that kids can learn coding through games and kid-friendly apps.

Now that we have explained what coding or computer programming is, let’s take a look at why kids should be introduced to coding at an early age.

1. Learning How to Code Prepares Youngsters for Profitable Career Opportunities.

Computer programmers are needed in virtually every industry, including medicine, business, agriculture, and education.

2. The late Steve Jobs once said, “coding teaches you how to think” — and this has been proven to be true. Kids who engage in coding tend to outshine their counterparts in academic performance, including writing, math, science, and problem-solving skills.

3. Tech related occupations make up at least 60% of the projected new jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

4. Software developers; who are also familiar with coding get to smile home with huge paychecks. According to the Bureau of Labor, software developers will earn over $103,000 per year, increasing by 24% through 2026.

Of course, these are just some reasons why you should encourage kids to take up coding. Learning how to code does mean you will automatically become a scientist or some tech person. It only gives you an advantage over your counterparts who may have to start from scratch when they are older.

Remember, learning computer programming is like learning a foreign language; the earlier you start, the easier it is to understand.

The Best Programming Languages for Kids

There are quite a handful of programming languages, and they each have diverse applications. So, your choice of a programming language will sometimes depend on what project you are working on.

Let’s have a look at some programming language and what you can use them for:

· You could use Lua and Scala in robotics.

· HTML and CSS are useful for building websites.

· JavaScript and Swift can be used to build apps.

Programming languages can also be used to create games. Coding is fun, and you get to solve problems with your design. Here is a fun fact for you; Netflix, PayPal, and Uber use JavaScript.

Perks of Coding

If you are looking to work with tech giants Facebook, Amazon, and Google, in the future, a mastery of computer programming will give you an edge and a better shot at getting selected.

So, don’t bold back. Get started on your coding journey today!

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