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What is AI, and is it Growing?


In today's world, it seems like a new technological advancement is happening every day. However, one of the most prominent growing technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI for short). There are many things to discuss regarding AI, but first, what is Artificial Intelligence?

What is AI?:

To understand Artificial Intelligence and its consciousness, one must first understand general intelligence, artificial intelligence, and artificial general intelligence. General intelligence is a group of cognitive abilities that allow people to learn, solve problems, and think critically. Artificial intelligence occurs in machines capable of learning and thinking like people but is not entirely aware or conscious. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is when an AI model can understand or learn any cognitive task that people can. In short, Artificial Intelligence is displayed by computer programs that can learn independently and update themselves automatically, mimicking general intelligence.

How Does an AI Model Learn?:

An Artificial Intelligence model is only as intelligent as the data given through datasets. An AI program learns through the data fed to it by the program itself or the programmers. For example, an AI designed to create images of cars could be asked to make an image of a plane. The AI would get confused and generate an inaccurate image.

The AI Revolution:

Recently, scientists and computer programmers have been making remarkable strides in the AI field, like DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, which generates any image from a text prompt, or GPT-3, a chatbot with an outstanding level of understanding and intelligence. So how has AI become so advanced so quickly? The reason is the increasing amount of data available to programmers, increased financial backing, and an eruption of new companies willing to create revolutionary AI technology.

The growth of the internet also means a growth in available data. Since AI models are trained on data, the intelligence of the models is increasing. The growth of AI has also prompted companies to notice the growing technology more. The increased financial backing allows for much larger undertakings, from programs that can make creative art to robots that can serve customers at a restaurant. The booming popularity of AI also ushered in an explosion of companies like OpenAI and DeepMind to create their incredible technologies.


Artificial Intelligence technology is regarded as revolutionary and "Almost like the discovery of electricity" (Andrew Ng on Why AI is the New Electricity). Whatever the use is, the popularity of the technology is growing at a fast rate; faster than governments can make restrictions for them, making it so there is no limit to how fast AI can expand. Whether you go into the field of AI development or another career, ultimately, knowledge of AI will go a long way.


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