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Top Tips for Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing for Kids

Catching a view of the total eclipse of the sun is a fascinating and memorable experience. Imagine the magical moment when day turns to night — it's such an astonishing moment.

While you can view the sun's total eclipse (which is when the moon covers the sun completely) without wearing eye protection, it's not safe to view the partial eclipse without a barrier or through an indirect view technique.

So, how do you keep your eyes safe and not miss out on the celestial and magical phenomena?

Here are tips on safe methods of viewing the solar eclipse — read along mate!

1. Do Not Look at The Sun Directly

This is probably the common mistake people make during the eclipse of the sun. While you will be tempted to take a peek of the moment, because it probably took you unaware and you would' t want to miss out, you should try your best to resist the temptation.

Always get something to protect your eyes — use a safe filter (you can get one from your neighborhood store). Also, avoid using sunglasses, X-ray films, and polaroid filters.

2. If You Are Using A Telescope, You Still Need A Safe Solar Filter Too!

Don't be tricked into thinking that viewing the eclipse through the lens guarantee safety.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, you also need a safe solar filter to use your telescope — again; the solar filter should be placed on the sky end of the telescope and not the eyepiece end.

3. Make A Simple Pinhole Camera

Another safe method of view the solar eclipse is through a pinhole camera — and you can quickly make one for yourself instead of buying a high-end camera. There are tons of DIY video tutorials to guide you online. You should check them out!

4. Go to An Astronomy Club or Center

This is one way of getting the best view of the eclipse and probably the safest method too.

Going to an astronomy center or club allows you to catch a clear view through a sophisticated telescope. It also offers you an opportunity to become an amateur astronomer or a stargazer.

5. Use A Darker Welder's Glass

Speaking about using a welder's glass to view the solar eclipse, remember not to grab any glass that reaches your hand. It would be best to have a welder's dark glass, preferably the number 14 shade, a darker variant.

6. Try Online Viewing

If you are not in the area when the eclipse is happening by chance, you can still catch up on the memories and share the moment with your friends and family members.

Thanks to the Internet, people can upload clips of the eclipse for you to watch from anywhere in the world.

The only challenge with this option is that you don't get to share the moment with your family and friends in person. However, rest assured you will enjoy every bit of the event — leveraging technology.


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