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Could You Live Forever? Quantum Resurrection Has an Answer.

Have you ever wondered if resurrecting people is possible? Well, quantum physics has an answer.

A Theory for the Future of the Universe:

While the universe's eventual fate is unknown, one possibility is that it will continue expanding (check out this blog for more details). Scientists currently have some idea of what may happen if the universe keeps expanding as objects grow more distant. Over time, even space objects like black holes radiate away into energy. While this may seem like the end, quantum mechanics provides a solution.

An Introduction to Quantum Resurrection:

When matter decays, it leaves behind energy in space, referred to as residual energy. According to quantum mechanics, random fluctuations can occur in residual energy fields resulting in particles springing out of these fields. While this usually happens at a molecular scale, something larger can appear given enough time.

What can Quantum Resurrection do?:

Following the current model scientists have for the universe's expansion. Eventually, all matter in the universe will decay into smaller parts or radiate into energy. The universe will continue to expand while remaining empty. However, this means that the future is infinite, and processes like quantum resurrection have all the time they need to accomplish things. In the case of quantum resurrection, the process can produce anything from an oxygen atom to an entire planet. Even the entire Earth can spontaneously re-appear, floating in the empty void of the universe. Therefore, given enough time, the quantum resurrection will eventually create an identical copy of any person or living organism, including you.


Although quantum resurrection may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "resurrection," quantum mechanics states that it certainly is possible and could even be considered the afterlife.


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